Throw Young Doogan a bone.

1-3 poems and/or
1-3 pieces of micro fiction (<500 words) and/or
1-3 works of visual art created with MS Paint (or equivalent)

Send your best to All submissions must be in single document free of any identifying information. Submissions will be primarily evaluated for inclusion in Issue 1 Dög Days, but may also be considered for future issues (MF Doogan, Dög Fight). No racism, sexism, transphobia, or other forms of prejudice will be tolerated.

Please include author’s last name and the title of the submitted file in your subject line. In the body of your email please say hello to Doogan, share your bio, and attach your submission as a .doc .docx .rtf .jpeg .png or .pdf file.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, so long as you send a follow-up email mentioning the works being withdrawn. No previously published material, only the freshest of meals or the funkiest of scraps for this young dog.

Please allow 6 weeks for Doogan to get back to you. If he says “YES,” congrats (and feel free to send more a year from then)! If he says “Not today…” please wait at least a month before sending again.

Someday Doogan will have enough bones to pay writers/artists, but until then contributors can expect a free copy of any physical issue they appear in, on top of incessant promotion from this young hound.

The dog looks forward to devouring your work.